Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

Dragon City Hack Gem Permanent

get Dragon+City+Gem+Hack+Permanent
Collect Dragon City Gem with Hack (Pemanent), this hack used Charles web debigging proxy.

  1. Your Browser (Mozilla or Google Chrome)

  2. Charles Web Proxy:

  3. Dragon City Gem Hack Codes.rar : Download Dragon City Gem Hack Codes
  1. Open it all (dragon city , charles)
  2. Collect Gold
  3. Find:
  4. Right Click on "packet.php?USERID=XXXXXXXXXXXXX" then click breakpoints
  5. Refresh the game (dont do anything ingame)
  6. Collect Money again then Breakpoints will appear
  7. Copy the Code from Notepad
  8. Highlight the code inside square brackets "[ ]" then paste your code from notepad (ctrl + v)
  9. Click Execute, then wait for charles to get error
  10. Refresh your game.
  11. Enjoy!
  12. If you don't Understand you can Watch the Video Tutorial :


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