Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

Backyard Monster Ultimate Cheat [Update July 26, 2012]

Backyard Monster Cheat Ultimate Feature :

1) There are 3 hacks included-
2) Instant everything with normal cost. Dave/KingWormz/Zaf health X2
3) Instant everything with 1 cost. Dave/KingWormz/Zaf health X2

    -Instant resource
    -Instant build
    -Instant fortify
    -Instant upgrade
    -Instant repair
    -All cost 1
    -Move of mainyard cost 1

5) Monsters :

    -Instant hatch
    -Instant train
    -Instant abilities
    -All cost 1
    -Super Dave and Super Zafreeti (faster/stronger to be use in attack mode with drull)

6) Outpost : 

    -Instant build
    -Instant repair
    -Intant upgrade
    -Takeover cost 1
    -Ultrakit cost 1

7) Catapult Bomb

    -Huge putty cost 100k last 2mins
    -Huge bomb cost 100k only

8) Siege Factory

    -Instant upgrade cost 1
    -Instant build
    -Jars covered all towers and stronger
    -Marilyn covered entire yard and more damage

9) Champion

    -Instant Feed
    -Instant evolve
    -Instant heal
    -Feed with 1 monster
    -Super Drull (faster and stronger)

10) Fixed :
    -Problem in inferno cavern.
    -Compatible for Firefox, Chrome and IE8-IE9, Rockmelt.
    -Anti Banned
    -Bunker Bugs

Backyard Monster Cheat Ultimate Tools:
Fiddler 2
BYM Hack Update July 26.rar 

Backyard Monster Cheat Ultimate Steps:
Open Charles
Go to Backyard Monsters
In Charles find http://cdn-bm-fb.casualcollective.com > GAME > ASSETS
Right click gamev.xx.xx.swf and choose MAP LOCAL (xx is random numbers)
Look “Map To” , Click “Choose” , open the file you download above " bym.swf "
And Click “OK”
Clear Browser Cache 2 times
Reload BYM


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