Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Earn Free Dollar Using [ JustBeenPaid ]

This time ane want to share how to do promotion for a new JSS tripler-neh Denger register HERE. but for members who have registered and no capital to invest let's be about ACTION with promotions like me who do not use all capital. first step is to prepare your steps Referrers LINK:

Register Here: >> Justbeenpaid <<

1. Create account or Sign Up in Justbeenpaid Here >> Click Me <<
2. If you done create account you can login now.
3 If you finish login go to " Marketing "

4. Then Click "Your Affiliate Web Sites"

5. After that, copy the url of "Your default referral URL"

6. "Then you will see your referral URL that will be used to promote invite a friend or for your referrals. If someone click or register of the like that you give to them you can earn a dollar.


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