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CityVille Factory Glass Materials Link and Guide

CityVille Task Glass Factory:
Task 1: Build a glass factory.

  • Build and put the glass factory finished
  • Ask friends after 6 glass pliers
  • Take 20 times one of the buildings in downtown
Reward: Blue glass rod

Task 2: Crystal clear
  • Building 3 produces decorative glass
  • Collection of 15 times the luxury shops
  • Increase your value to 12 000 Downtown
Reward: 100,000 coins

Here is a fast and precise way to get the building materials as well as completing the task of building a Glass Factory:
  • Creating two facebook accounts. (main and secondary)
  • Log into your Main account
  • Click on the Image below
  • Open the links in 10 or more tabs
  • Send all the request to your secondary account but do NOT click send yet.
  • Once you have selected your secondary account in all the tabs, then click Send.
  • Log out of your main facebook account, then log into your second account.
  • You will now get the item requests in your secondary account.
  • Just accept all the requests and your main account will get the items! Have fun!
  • NOTE: Maybe this way can still be used.

Click image below to request:


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