Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

Instant Jutsu learning [Ninja Saga]

Ninja Saga Hack Learn Jutsu Instantly

Ninja Saga Hack Learn Jutsu Instantly

Tool :
1. Charles Proxy : Download Here
2. Browser [Mozilla or Google Chrome]

Tutorial :
 1.   Go to Ninja Saga and   Click Play
 2.   Open Charles Debugging Proxy
 3.   Buy a jutsu
 4.   Open Send Box and claim Justu essence
 5.   Click  Use Justu essence
 6.   Back to charles, so.. Expand Apps.ninjasaga.com
 7.   Click Amf And Find CharacterDAO.reduceTrainingTime
 8.   Right Click And Select Repeat Advance dan Ubah Iterations To 1000 and Concurrency To 100
 9.   Click Ok
 10. Wait 10 - 20 Seccond
 11. Refresh ninja saga and see your Jutsu that  learned

Credit: -NScP-


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